Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!

When I woke up I ran down stairs to finish my cards for mom and dad. My plan was that I'd put them into their stockings and I would see if they noticed them on their own. But mom got out of bed just as I got up from my chair to put the cards away, and she seemed kinda mad at me. Well she "told" me that "...don't you know you have to wait for all of us to go down and open our stockings!..." "they're not stockings, mom, they're cheep Christmasish decorated bags!"(cuz we couldn't find stockings anywhere) I answered, very annoyed that mom ruined the whole surprise. "But..." I thought "but why is she so mad? I would see the "stockings", so what?". Well, I soon found out... When we got in, there ,on the table, was a KEYBOARD. A real, live KEYBOARD. Then when we remembered a bout the bags we took them and opened them. In mine I found lots of candy, these AwSoMe black bracelets, cute Hello Kitty buttons, these kind of sticks that when bend them they glow and these pencils that are exactly the same as the ones the Petty's gave us 6 years ago..!! Then we opened presents. From grama I got these beautiful earrings and necklace that are little dream catchers, from Aaron: 24 złoty ($ 8)to spend in tesco, from David: a letter that made me cry & 30 złoty($10), from grandpa & Pam: a book by an LDS author Shannon Hale "The Princess Academy" and 70 złoty($25) for new boots and 50 złoty ($17) for a whole series of books. Yay for me!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

rozdział 1: ,,Te Głosy"

Obudziłam się w środku nocy i zaczęłam trząść łóżkiem Seliny. Znów TO usłyszałam. Szepty. One tak jakby chciały mi coś powiedzieć, ale się sprzeczały, więc nic nie było zrozumiałe.
-O matko! Znowu to?- powiedziała Selina, prędko wstając. Powiedziała to z przejęciem, nie lekceważeniem. Aha, byłam u niej bo nocowałam...u niej. Najlepsze było to, że w domu nikogo nikogo nie było.
-Tak, to było to, ale tym razem jedno słowo zrozumiałam.- odpowiedzałam.
-..yy.. Spokojnie. Próbuj zasnąć.
-Ale się raczej nie stanie... nie zasnę.
- Dobra to pogadajmy--.
-Nie, nie! poczytam OK?
-No, dobra.
Tak bardzo chciałam poczytać, bo zaczęłam nową książkę: ,,Kornelia i jej Kłopoty". Była bardzo ciekawa, o zwykłej dziewczynie i jej dziwnym życiu.
Niestety, nawet jej nie otworzyłam i znowu coś zaczęło szepczeć.
-Selina!! Nie słyszysz tego?!
-Szeptów, rzecz jasna.
-Ja...nie. Wiesz co? Chodźmy na dół. Zrobimy sobie gorącej czekolady..
Było po jej głosie słychać, że nie tylko mnie pocieszała, ale i siebie.Sama się bała!
Kiedy schodziliśmy ze schodów, coś strasznego.
ZA nami skrzypiała podłoga. Nie tylko POD nami, ale i ZA nami. To nie było najstraszniejsze. Selina zemdlała! Szybko zbiegłam na dół po zimną wodę, żeby ją obudzić, ale to był błąd.

W kuchni, o lodówkę odbijał się czyjś cień. Chudy, kościsty cień.

Merry Christmas!

This is our Christmas tree. It's the first year we've decorated it red and gold. We were going to make a popcorn chain, but when we made a little bit of it and put it up to the tree it didn't look nice.
Usually we made it blue and gold. I'm glad it's this way. I always wished to have our tree this color. I love it.
I also love taking pictures like this ^ one, because it makes me feel like I'm in the tree. I have a dozen of that kind of pictures on my phone.

In Poland there is this tradition that the 6th December is Santa Claus day. That day is when kids get extra presents from Santa. In our class we do this thing, that my teacher gives each kid a number from 1-24 and no one knows the numbers and we say one of them and the teacher tells us if it's a boy or girl that we need to buy a present for. I had boys all my life. This and last year I got expensive (looking) soap stuff. DO I STINK? Well I guess I'm overreacting. That stuff is really nice: very peach scented bubble bath, a nice sponge & three fizzy balls. the first one is milk & honey scented, the second one is caramel apple an the last one is peach & mango and their all from a good company.
Ahh.. I'm SO taking a bath..

Sunday, October 24, 2010

chapter 6:

Okay, so the snake was coming closer... and closer.. when........
ha ha ha ha ha !

nd so I'm thinking what? when Elise says ,, It's gone! She's gone! "
And so I look around and what do I see? Nothing. So we head for her house. As we're walking I notice those troll guys again. We don't want them to know where she lives so I tell Elise " Maybe not to your house. Let's go to that shoe store with those cute sneakers." She looks at me, and I can just see a question mark over her head, which is why I whisper "Those mutants are following us again!". She's pulls a ohhhhh! face which means she gets it. When we pass the fountain I take out all the change I have and buy us some ice cream. Then I see something on the ground. A black necklace. So I pick It up and show Elise. "I'm sick of black," she says "but take it, just in case". When we finally get to the store, Elise squeals. I didn't understand at first, but then every one turns around and stares at us. Everyone but a black-haired lady. The one and only--witch.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

my party

I need to say, I ℒℴѵℯ Martians. Well my best friend and I do . Her name is Ewa .

First, me and dad picked up all of the girls. Then we went to some stores so I could buy stuff for the money I got from grandpa and Pam. This is what I bought for part of the money :

Thanks grandpa and Pam!
Here we all are at home
Starting from the left are:
Karina, Ewa, [Aaron], Me, Karolina, Marysia.
Once again I LOVE ALIENS.
My cake is cool huh ?
Ewa & I ate the eyes.

I don't know why this is green.
Then we watched "Aliens in the Attic".
This is what I got from my friends:
From Marysia
From Ewa
I think her theme was flowers. Maybe.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Mom just went downstairs to the basement to put the pizza in the good oven, and Aaron was standing by the door to where mom was. We always keep the key in the door. Aaron figured out how to lock it! So when mom was coming back up, she couldn't open the door. Luckily, she has me, and I heard her the first time she called. When I opened it she said "oh, my gosh! what if I couldn't get out when you guys are at school !?". "Your welcome." I thought. Then David shouted from the other room "You would open the garage and knock on the door!" (Aaron knows how to open it easily.)

DUH ...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

glasses, friends,and spencer in-a-box :)

[sorry that most pictures are bad quality but I took them with my phone]
Thats me with my glasses.

OK fine. This is.

Alright, alright, stop shouting. here's a great pic.

uhh, well maybe not that great but it's fine.

my glasses are hello kitty. yup. and I regret it.

Olga :(

"Just wanted to say hi! ."

Sunday, August 29, 2010

today :

  • Is Sunday,
  • we couldn't go to church
  • it's Mielec day
  • there's some concert that is kind of annoying
  • Olga's at the concert
  • I'm glad it's sunday
  • cause I would of went to the concert and would regret it
  • I changed my background,
  • as you can see.
  • I had a weird dream that went something like this :
"It was first day of school and there was this baking contest. I brought a pie that was made with a cinnamony pie crust and inside there were mandarin oranges and an orange - cinnamon sauce and I covered that with some homemade whip cream and decorated it with oranges and a cherry so that the oranges made a circle around the cherry. David brought this layered jello dessert with whip cream and fruits. My BFF Ewa [eva] was there to. I won first pace, David had second, and Ewa was hardly qualified, but qualified. The next day mom was helping me choose a shirt to where for the second stage of the contest. I had a hard time, then mom said "Oh, wait! I bought you some new shirts yesterday! " So I chose a limeish-green shirt with dark pink trim on the sleeves and neck and three sweet-looking cupcakes in the middle. I made a chocolate moose and whip cream dessert for the contest (I don't know why there is so much whip cream in this dream! Maybe, mom, I don't get the right amount of it ;) and ran of to school. The classroom where the contest was going to be, to my surprisement , looked exactly like my babcia and dziadek's home. When the lady tasted all the desserts she said they were equally yummy and to win, we had to make a lemon sauce to pour over a banana! A banana!" Whatever" I thought, And made the best sauce I could out of the ingredients I had. there were only to places for the winner. David won 2nd place !! I won !!! I was going to find out what my prize is the next week. Me and Ewa went out of the room and were really happy for me :) . Then I noticed something. On her purple jacket that she wore over a yellow shirt had a cupcake, just like mine, printed on it! The next day was a normal school day. The first class was music. We were singing a song :
" There are as many,many of us
that many as there are pine cones in a forest,
we love singing, singing as much
as much as we need from vacation a rest

Were being,being,being are best
at school at home - wherever we are
our mom told us, told us to pray
pray, pray.
we pray pray for our mom mom mom
mom mom mom mommy mommy mommy .......... "

I woke up. Aaron was shouting - "Mommy, MOMMY, MOMMY ! "

That was weird .....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

about vacation now.

Well, this is my vacation in points:
  • (most important) Olga is here !!
  • we (me & David)play with them (Adam & Olga) every day for about 5-6 hours
  • Spencer is getting very wiggly (like, we-can't-leave-him-in-his-carseet-alone wiggly)
  • Olga shows me how fun it is to take pictures ;)
  • me and Olga make up a cool dance in less then two days (!)
  • in the dance we are like dolls that come to life but brake for a minute (in the dance:)
  • we dance it for dad's birthday (we had to start over twice because we forgot the moves)
  • so that's about all for now, oh and Olga doesn't look anything like in the main picture of my blog :*
I'll post a video of the dance later some day .
Oh, and I know it isn't very good but you can see my earrings in my profile pic.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

dla olmi...♥

Nie mogę uwieżyć,
że za dziesięć dni,
będziemy razem być!
Ach, jak to pięknie brzmi!

Kłótnie między nami,
bywają czasami,
Ale to co się u nas psuje,
zawsze się szybko odbuduje.

A kiedy już tu będziesz,
wesoło będzie wszędzie ;)!

Friday, June 4, 2010

mój wiersz

ewelina pawlik,lat 7 i 1/2
to pora roku radosna,
To młoda, barwna dama,
co nigdy nie jest sama,
Bo budzą się rośliny,
odwiedzają ją ptaki,
Cieszą się dziewczyny,
tak samo jak chłopaki.

koliber- mój ulubiony ptak


no to tak...
Będę teraz coraz częściej pisała po polsku. Przetłumaczę swoją książkę, napiszę o większości ciekawych rzeczach które się dzieją (najciekawszą rzeczą teraz, to to, że z Hiszpanii wraca moja "przyjaciółka od serca"- Olga!!!) , napiszę kilka ze swoich wierszy, ale teraz powiem o... :
Przekułam uszy!! O rany! Tak się bałam! Ciągle słyszałam inne historie. Jedni mówili, że czuć tylko małe uszczypnięcie, inni, że piecze przez jakiś czas, a jeszcze inni mówili że nic nie czuć, ale okazało się ,że to pierwsze jest prawdą... Zdięcia są poniżej, [po ang.]

Thursday, June 3, 2010

my ears...

My... ears... are... PIERCED !! It's hard to believe, even for me!
At first, like a week before I got those little holes in my ears, I though it would hurt like CrAzY, but a few of my friends told me that it was only like a tight pinch for the first second and after that its just hot, then dad told me that a lady that works in his work has a daughter that just got her ears pierced and said it doesn't hurt at all, in a way like "you cant feel it". I tried to believe dad, but it was hard. And turned out to be something between what my friend said, and what dad said. The first second did feel like a tight pinch, but after that, just like dad said, I couldn't feel anything, but happiness.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


It's Suday.

For breakfast I had four muffins.
So what!? I was hungry!

Later we watched loads of TV.
No, no, no! Not what you think! It was church history!(Aanndd nature...)

Then mom made sandwiches.
Nothing I can say. I mean, whats wrong with that??

David ate a lot of hot chili sauce.
Then he ran all around the house shouting: "hot HOT HOT !!"

And I'm in the part of the day where I write a letter.
And I won't say to who!! Well that somebody is a family. That just moved.
Uupss... thats too much...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

David's baptism.

yay! Grama came for David's baptism!

And so were our polish grandparents! And aunt and dad's cousin, uncle and aunt!

And then David was baptized!

And Grama had to go!:',(

and Grama had to go!:',(

...*< empty >*...

OK why isn't anyone commenting!?!?!?!?!
I commented on Tyra's recently...
on uhhh... others and still no one on mine!
:',( :',( :',( :',( :',( :',( :',(

Sunday, April 11, 2010

chapter 5: Black Hair

*[I decided I will write the book like Cleo's journal (I like it that way more)]*

OK, as if It's not enough for these weird 4 troll looking guys with black hair, that looks almost fake, well...I mean..., it looks like someone colored their hair with some seriously permanent paint! And then there are the almost triangular sunglasses, BLACK suits, BLACK ties and BLACK shirts! This BLACK-haired lady has been following us. And I mean FOLLOWING! She's been asking us weird questions. When we're in the park she sits on the bench closest to us, and the SCARY part is, she's holding this huge snake thats (not surprisingly) BLACK. And I mean HUGE! We've tried to get away from her, but it seems like she just magically appears. One time me and Elise were eating ice cream and she came up to us (with that huge snake of hers) and asked us where we live,when we go to bed, when we go to school, plus more questions like that, not even asking our names!
And when I didn't say anything, that huge snake started crawling up to my feet. Yup!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

lots of stuff...maybe too much...naaah!

Sooo...last week gramalee came. I was so exited! That day I got out of school earlier, thank goodness, and I missed P.E. [yeah!]. We drove to Krakow and I felt like it took 12 hours instead of 2 hours.
Finally we got there, and when we went into the airport in my stomach I could feel...well...a weird, kinda sad, feeling in my stomach. It was the feeling I get when I'm going to fly away to America. It was like I knew I wasn't going anywhere, but my eyes knew where I am and made me feel bad, and wanted to get out. So waited a little for grama. Then some more. And more, when finally she showed up. And OMG I can't believe how happy I felt!
When we got home I had lot of homework to do and I couldn't have fun much with her that day. The rest of the week was really fun! We didn't go places, but I could show grama my school, so she knew where I spent most of my time.
Then came Sunday. The day that David was being baptized. And it was great! Me and grama each gave talks, grama about baptism and I about the Holy Ghost. I just loved to see my little brother do the same thing I did when I was his age.
Then the next day grama had to go. I cried. David cried. Mom cried. But the only thing mom said is: "It was fun to have her here huh?" and "I'm glad she could come, and at the same time our house is tidy!".
Well thats all. Or, I mean, thats a LOT.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


...in the comments. Because like what if you still want to guess?;P

Monday, February 22, 2010

A riddle

Two people are going through a forest-a big person and a small one. The small one is the big ones son. The big one is not the small ones father. How is this possible?

Friday, February 19, 2010


I'm bored! Please give some fun comments!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hmm... just 2 questions...

Who has watched ,,Rigoletto" and who has read ,,The two princesses of Bammare"? Because I think those are the most beautiful...umm... movies and books!=D

Sunday, February 14, 2010

.+*"*+.Valentine's Day.+*"*+.

it's Valentines
DaY... dAy...DAay ;)

First thing in the morning I was lying in bed, when I heard mom come in my room. I was sort of hoping she would come. She asked me if I would get up soon or they would open these little presents that were from dad hmm... they were somethings in napkins. I guess everybody but dad and me was awake! I got up and ran down stairs even though I was very sleepy, which made me almost fall down the stairs. I...er... we opened the presents. They were CUTE heart shaped chocolates! Then I...um... we ate pancakes that I cut hearts in with a cookie cutter (the hearts I gave to Aaron=). I...hmmm...mom made this yummy chocolate cake with raspberry frosting. Mmm, it was very good. Mostly that's all the Valentinesy stuff we did today. I guess I took a 1 and 1/2 hour bath too.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Can you believe it ! Evie is bloging !

Well it's Sunday and I didn't go to church.

Christmas was awsome I got: a hello kitty t-shirt, a necklace, Hannah Montana perfume, a cool book about butterflies+a fake butterfly, 100 zloty. My family got: computer speakers, an exercise ball and a DVD player.

On New Years Eve day I went to my friend and we had a little party and we celebrated New Years for Hong Kong. Later that night my family and I watched a movie and exactly at midnight we drank some champagne without alcohol. It was fun.

I went on a sleigh ride with my class. I got there really late so my dad and I had to drive around looking for my class on the sleigh. That was fun. When I found them the boys of course told me that I missed the best part where everybody fell off of the sleigh.

Then when I sat down on the sled with my friend she said that she sat by herself in the bus and she was by herself on the sled too. I was glad because I was scared she would go with somebody else.
And. . . oh yeah I have another brother his name is Spencer and he's really cute. No big deal!

P.S. A bone in my finger on my left hand is probably cracked and now I'm walking around with a pencil tied to my finger with bandages.