Monday, July 13, 2009

Chapter 4

"Are you...? No way...! I...?" Cleo and Elise said at the same time. Cleo was the most brave and she first asked, "Are you a wizard?" Elise said, "Well, how about you?" "Yes!" they said at the same time. "We're so lucky nobodies looking." Elise said. Emily was about to jump and shout for joy 'cause she was watching them, but she couldn't because everybody would go out of there tents, and would ask why. Elise and Cleo smiled at each other and went to there tent to talk. Elise said "don't even think about telling any body" "So that was the feeling" Cleo whispered to her self. After the field trip both girls where best friends. When other girls saw Cleo and Elise holding hands they thought the two might be charmed. Well I guess everything was great, except for these troll looking guys following them everywhere. Wow thats been a long time! Today is my birthday! (And grandma, if your reading this, thanks for the present.)