Sunday, July 11, 2010

about vacation now.

Well, this is my vacation in points:
  • (most important) Olga is here !!
  • we (me & David)play with them (Adam & Olga) every day for about 5-6 hours
  • Spencer is getting very wiggly (like, we-can't-leave-him-in-his-carseet-alone wiggly)
  • Olga shows me how fun it is to take pictures ;)
  • me and Olga make up a cool dance in less then two days (!)
  • in the dance we are like dolls that come to life but brake for a minute (in the dance:)
  • we dance it for dad's birthday (we had to start over twice because we forgot the moves)
  • so that's about all for now, oh and Olga doesn't look anything like in the main picture of my blog :*
I'll post a video of the dance later some day .
Oh, and I know it isn't very good but you can see my earrings in my profile pic.