Sunday, February 7, 2010

Can you believe it ! Evie is bloging !

Well it's Sunday and I didn't go to church.

Christmas was awsome I got: a hello kitty t-shirt, a necklace, Hannah Montana perfume, a cool book about butterflies+a fake butterfly, 100 zloty. My family got: computer speakers, an exercise ball and a DVD player.

On New Years Eve day I went to my friend and we had a little party and we celebrated New Years for Hong Kong. Later that night my family and I watched a movie and exactly at midnight we drank some champagne without alcohol. It was fun.

I went on a sleigh ride with my class. I got there really late so my dad and I had to drive around looking for my class on the sleigh. That was fun. When I found them the boys of course told me that I missed the best part where everybody fell off of the sleigh.

Then when I sat down on the sled with my friend she said that she sat by herself in the bus and she was by herself on the sled too. I was glad because I was scared she would go with somebody else.
And. . . oh yeah I have another brother his name is Spencer and he's really cute. No big deal!

P.S. A bone in my finger on my left hand is probably cracked and now I'm walking around with a pencil tied to my finger with bandages.


Susan said...

Wow! That's so cool that your class got to go on a sleigh ride like that!

I guess getting your 3rd younger brother is old hat by now. I sure love that picture of you two snuggling up for a nap though!

How cruel of you to show that picture of your finger and everything without telling us the story! What happened?!?! (I'm glad it's your left hand, since you're right handed, but typing up your blog post is just that much more an act of love for those of us dying for more posts from you!)

We also are home from church this Sunday because of the 2 feet or more of snow we got. I'm making the kids each prepare a 1-5 minute talk for our family church time.

Take care of yourself!

Ben said...

Those are great pictures! I love the one of you sleeping with Spencer. And that sleigh-ride looked like a blast!

Erin said...

Wow--cool sleigh ride! What a cute baby brother. Hope your finger feels better soon.

Anne said...

Fun sleigh ride, not so fun injury, super cute brother! Good beats the bad stuff!

Goldilocks said...

he is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

gramalee said...

What a super neat old fashioned sleigh ride! Is your finger better yet?