Sunday, May 16, 2010


It's Suday.

For breakfast I had four muffins.
So what!? I was hungry!

Later we watched loads of TV.
No, no, no! Not what you think! It was church history!(Aanndd nature...)

Then mom made sandwiches.
Nothing I can say. I mean, whats wrong with that??

David ate a lot of hot chili sauce.
Then he ran all around the house shouting: "hot HOT HOT !!"

And I'm in the part of the day where I write a letter.
And I won't say to who!! Well that somebody is a family. That just moved.
Uupss... thats too much...


Susan said...

I think I know who...
Actually, I wasn't checking up on blogs today, but thought I'd come here to post cuz I'm not sure if you have an email account yet. Do you?

Thanks for writing to Beth, she read your comment and she's excited! (she's always excited to get email.)

Susan said...

One more thing, it sounds like a good Sunday. Do you guys write a letter every Sunday? I really need to do that with my kids. They are stinkers about it when I first ask them, but maybe if it was every Sunday, they'd just get to expect it, like it sounds like you do.

I hope David's tongue isn't still burning.

What kind of muffins?

Susan said...

I can't believe I thought WE were the family that just moved to whom you wrote! Oh well, maybe another Sunday....