Sunday, August 29, 2010

today :

  • Is Sunday,
  • we couldn't go to church
  • it's Mielec day
  • there's some concert that is kind of annoying
  • Olga's at the concert
  • I'm glad it's sunday
  • cause I would of went to the concert and would regret it
  • I changed my background,
  • as you can see.
  • I had a weird dream that went something like this :
"It was first day of school and there was this baking contest. I brought a pie that was made with a cinnamony pie crust and inside there were mandarin oranges and an orange - cinnamon sauce and I covered that with some homemade whip cream and decorated it with oranges and a cherry so that the oranges made a circle around the cherry. David brought this layered jello dessert with whip cream and fruits. My BFF Ewa [eva] was there to. I won first pace, David had second, and Ewa was hardly qualified, but qualified. The next day mom was helping me choose a shirt to where for the second stage of the contest. I had a hard time, then mom said "Oh, wait! I bought you some new shirts yesterday! " So I chose a limeish-green shirt with dark pink trim on the sleeves and neck and three sweet-looking cupcakes in the middle. I made a chocolate moose and whip cream dessert for the contest (I don't know why there is so much whip cream in this dream! Maybe, mom, I don't get the right amount of it ;) and ran of to school. The classroom where the contest was going to be, to my surprisement , looked exactly like my babcia and dziadek's home. When the lady tasted all the desserts she said they were equally yummy and to win, we had to make a lemon sauce to pour over a banana! A banana!" Whatever" I thought, And made the best sauce I could out of the ingredients I had. there were only to places for the winner. David won 2nd place !! I won !!! I was going to find out what my prize is the next week. Me and Ewa went out of the room and were really happy for me :) . Then I noticed something. On her purple jacket that she wore over a yellow shirt had a cupcake, just like mine, printed on it! The next day was a normal school day. The first class was music. We were singing a song :
" There are as many,many of us
that many as there are pine cones in a forest,
we love singing, singing as much
as much as we need from vacation a rest

Were being,being,being are best
at school at home - wherever we are
our mom told us, told us to pray
pray, pray.
we pray pray for our mom mom mom
mom mom mom mommy mommy mommy .......... "

I woke up. Aaron was shouting - "Mommy, MOMMY, MOMMY ! "

That was weird .....


Susan said...

Awesome dream Ev! I loved it. It sounds like it would make a great reality tv show. And you've got a great writing style, I didn't even see that ending coming. Perfect. (it has been a while since I've had a similar dream, but I've had enough to know it's kinda weird/funny when it does happen! (I'm remembering one I had in high school where I was walking down the hall at school and all of a sudden everyone started singing the same song. I was so confused surprised about it in my dream, until I finally woke up and realized my alarm was going off with the radio going, and it was playing the song that everyone had been singing in my dream.)

LisAway said...

I love this dream and how creative you were subconsciously! I also love how you used the same idea Tyra had of making a bullet list about your day. Very fun to read it that way :) I am so sorry about the whipped cream. I just don't like it much and it's not worth all the fat and calories. :)

gramalee said...

You really faked me out! It took me a minute to remember you were dreaming. My dreams about food always involved a chocolate cake with gobs of frosting and I would wake up with real guilt because I knew I had gone off my diet and eaten it. I think the sweet gene is hereditary -- I know I got mine from my grandaughter Ewie! ;D

Tyra said...

I liked the dream :D hee hee