Sunday, September 19, 2010

glasses, friends,and spencer in-a-box :)

[sorry that most pictures are bad quality but I took them with my phone]
Thats me with my glasses.

OK fine. This is.

Alright, alright, stop shouting. here's a great pic.

uhh, well maybe not that great but it's fine.

my glasses are hello kitty. yup. and I regret it.

Olga :(

"Just wanted to say hi! ."


Susan said...

cute glasses! Funny way to post your pics about them. Was that your good bye hug to Olga? It's cool that you can manipulate the pictures like that. And Spencer, well, he's the cutest jack-in-the-box ever!

Tom Draper said...


You have such a great photographic eye! I love the photos and the touch up work. I think you and Tyra are both growing up too fast.

Tyra said...

You look awesome with glasses! And I can't see anything hello kitty...and they look great!

Spencer's so cute!

gramalee said...

Wow! You have your dad's talent. New camera or is that my old one? Has Olga gone to Spain? How's your Spanish?