Sunday, July 11, 2010

about vacation now.

Well, this is my vacation in points:
  • (most important) Olga is here !!
  • we (me & David)play with them (Adam & Olga) every day for about 5-6 hours
  • Spencer is getting very wiggly (like, we-can't-leave-him-in-his-carseet-alone wiggly)
  • Olga shows me how fun it is to take pictures ;)
  • me and Olga make up a cool dance in less then two days (!)
  • in the dance we are like dolls that come to life but brake for a minute (in the dance:)
  • we dance it for dad's birthday (we had to start over twice because we forgot the moves)
  • so that's about all for now, oh and Olga doesn't look anything like in the main picture of my blog :*
I'll post a video of the dance later some day .
Oh, and I know it isn't very good but you can see my earrings in my profile pic.

1 comment:

Susan said...

Hi Ev,
So I'm still waiting to see your dance posted here....
I'm so glad you have Olga for a friend. She's lucky to have YOU for a friend!!
Post the video!

BTW, I'm going to have Tyra call you soon to get your opinion on getting your ears pierced. I've always said she could when she turned 12, which is in a few weeks now...