Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!

When I woke up I ran down stairs to finish my cards for mom and dad. My plan was that I'd put them into their stockings and I would see if they noticed them on their own. But mom got out of bed just as I got up from my chair to put the cards away, and she seemed kinda mad at me. Well she "told" me that "...don't you know you have to wait for all of us to go down and open our stockings!..." "they're not stockings, mom, they're cheep Christmasish decorated bags!"(cuz we couldn't find stockings anywhere) I answered, very annoyed that mom ruined the whole surprise. "But..." I thought "but why is she so mad? I would see the "stockings", so what?". Well, I soon found out... When we got in, there ,on the table, was a KEYBOARD. A real, live KEYBOARD. Then when we remembered a bout the bags we took them and opened them. In mine I found lots of candy, these AwSoMe black bracelets, cute Hello Kitty buttons, these kind of sticks that when bend them they glow and these pencils that are exactly the same as the ones the Petty's gave us 6 years ago..!! Then we opened presents. From grama I got these beautiful earrings and necklace that are little dream catchers, from Aaron: 24 złoty ($ 8)to spend in tesco, from David: a letter that made me cry & 30 złoty($10), from grandpa & Pam: a book by an LDS author Shannon Hale "The Princess Academy" and 70 złoty($25) for new boots and 50 złoty ($17) for a whole series of books. Yay for me!



Erin said...

Merry Christmas! I thought Princess Academy was a fun read and I liked Goose Girl by her as well.

Tyra said...

Sounds like an AWESOME Christmas! And a happy new year to you :)

Anne said...

Are you saying you need me to send you some stockings???