Sunday, April 11, 2010

chapter 5: Black Hair

*[I decided I will write the book like Cleo's journal (I like it that way more)]*

OK, as if It's not enough for these weird 4 troll looking guys with black hair, that looks almost fake, well...I mean..., it looks like someone colored their hair with some seriously permanent paint! And then there are the almost triangular sunglasses, BLACK suits, BLACK ties and BLACK shirts! This BLACK-haired lady has been following us. And I mean FOLLOWING! She's been asking us weird questions. When we're in the park she sits on the bench closest to us, and the SCARY part is, she's holding this huge snake thats (not surprisingly) BLACK. And I mean HUGE! We've tried to get away from her, but it seems like she just magically appears. One time me and Elise were eating ice cream and she came up to us (with that huge snake of hers) and asked us where we live,when we go to bed, when we go to school, plus more questions like that, not even asking our names!
And when I didn't say anything, that huge snake started crawling up to my feet. Yup!


LisAway said...

Oh, FREAKY! Except that I love snakes. :) But the freaky black following guys are freaky! Work on this story more often, Ev! It's interesting!

Susan said...

Is this gonna get too scary for me?!?!