Sunday, July 29, 2012

Those two exciting weeks...

From July 3rd to July 17th most of the Draper family came over to Poland to visit me.
And my family.
But I know that deep down inside they came to see me. ( ;D )

The night before they were going to arrive we decided that I'd go to Katowice with dad to pick them up.
When we got there, we drove by the glass wall of the airport. You couldn't see almost anything through the glass, up until we got to this one section where you could see through it, and there they were! They started waving like crazy and getting their stuff and Lily and Beth ran out and stopped a few feet in front of me without a word and just kept eating their sandwiches they ran out with. So I'm like "Hi..." and with their cheeks stuffed they're like "Hi!" and I'm all "So am I gonna get a hug ?" and they run up to me and give me a tight squeeze. And of course I'm like "pleeeease don't get your sandwich on me please please please!" But it was nice to feel their little hugs again after a year.
On the drive home we talked [mostly me & Tyra] and listened to this: 
Ha aha hahaha C:
And then some Green Day.
And we got home and all the boys were really shy and stuff and Spence was all cute learning everybody's names. And stuff.
Then next day was the 4 of July, And it was AWESOME. After having a DELICIOUS dinner of cheeseburgers, potato salad, CHIPS, watermelon and [mom, write what else there was in the comments] we went on a walk to the playground in our neighbourhood and played soccer (which was a total disaster with all the falling and "almost dying"), then in the evening we ran around our backyard with sparklers (I burned my thumb trying to start three people's sparklers at once) and was just great. 
Then we kinda hung out at home until Saturday.
That day we went to Sandomierz. 
So: this is important: see, I only had one pair of shorts then. And then some leggings. And since my shorts were dirty I had to wear leggings. And what do you wear with leggings? A short dress, or tunic or basically something longishish. So I wore my only thing like that that I have. This kinda..... thing. (you'll see in the pictures I'll post later). Not the best thing to wear on a hot day, as I found out.
But other than the weather it was really great. First we sorta walked around the little town and I shared some stories I remember from when I went on a field trip there. twice. Then we went to these underground tunnels (where this girl took the bad Tatars telling them she'll show them where they keep all their merchandise. When all the Tatars were in the tunnel the people
 from the town did as it was planned: They dumped sand into the tunnels and 
buried everyone - including the girl - alive. [a legend I learned on the field trip.
 although it probably is true cuz lots of bones were found there])
And it was nice and cool in there. Ahhh...
And I can't remember anything else now about our trip to Sandomierz, so I'll post more if I forgot anything interesting.
The next day we went to our little good old Kielce branch. And by little I mean we meet in the missionaries' apartment. But I think the Drapers liked it.
After church we went to the Baranów castle (mom, was it a castle?).
Then we hung out at home some more, went to the swimming pool once, I rode my bike with Tyra (you know, the one who can't ride a bike ;D )and it was all lots of fun. Oh yeah, and we walked/ rode bikes around Mielec one day. We as in both families without the dads.
Then on Saturday we went on a trip to the Ogrodzieniec castle we haven't been to in a long time. And I'm not really gonna tell you more about that trip cuz you'll see everything in the pics I'll post. Oh, except for that we went to Kraków after that.
And on Sunday we went on a walk around Kielce after church, which started being great as soon as aunt Suzy switched shoes with me. THANK YOU.  

And so then the night before they were going to leave we all slept downstairs. I mean except for Aaron, Spence, mom and dad.
Then we all [ALL all] woke up early in the morning to say good by.
And minutes before they left I decided to go with them.
To the airport.
When we got there aunt Su was all freaked out that they were late or that the lines would be long so it would be like another hour until they got to the gate. And we got there and they were at the gate in like 5 minutes.
I remember waving to them from like 20 feet away and how they kept turning around to wave again.
But I didn't cry. I didn't let myself. I definitely had tears in my eyes, but no crying. Which made the way home a lot easier to be fun.
After only an hour of driving dad stopped to take a nap. And I didn't fall asleep so I waited for an hour or so reading this:


 Ours is silver. Hm.
Oh yeah, so dad woke up and we stopped at a restaurant and I sorta remember the food and what we were talking about, but mostly I remember my drink:

really good.

Then we stopped at a store and dad got me green earphones so we could listen to this cool audiobook.

And it was all good C:

Even though they were gone and deep inside I was totally depressed.

Monday, April 9, 2012


So with there being so many birthdays going on and all, I've been thinking about stuff I would be delighted to get for my birthday.

And even though the post title is "Pleeeease!", its not like I want my parents to see and study this post very well.
OH no,no.
Of course not! Why the very thought?

Here it goes! :

This. The firs season.
Yeah, maybe its a cheap looking Chinese show, but I love it.


To get...:

Ohh yeah.


And that.

But that's all.
Don't need to much to make me happy. :)

And I can even survive without the money part :p

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Thank You

A few weeks ago there was Mission Conference in Poland, and Elder Christofferson visited our country. I shook hands with him, and just felt really happy.
During the first session, I helped Cindy (15 year old friend) take care of little (aaannddd not so little) kids. Sorta annoying, but sorta fun. Ish.
Once when I was sneaking some food from the hall, this Sister went out of the room with a little crying boy, saying "You are being very naughty". I smiled at her, and later told her that if she wants, I'm taking care of the kids in another room. She said "Oh, no. Thank you though.".

A few minutes later she came to the kids room. "Could you watch him?"
She handed me a mushy banana- "He should be fine if you feed him this".

uhhh... okay.

But he turned out to be the sweetest boy in the room, so he actually made it more pleasant.

But that is not the point.

The next day, Sunday, was the second Session.
As everyone was slowly getting ready and sitting down (no taking care of kids that day!) a different Sister came up to me and mom. I don't even remember if she handed them to me or mom, but she gave one of us pictures. These:

I didn't even know her.
She told mom "I read your post. I thought this is the least I could do".


Thank you.

Now I want to cry.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Touch phones are awsome!

Dad got this new phone: Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S.

It's sooo cool!
And it has this sketchy thingamajig thingy. It's so awsome! And I drew these dresses on it:

This one is sorta freaky. Kinda like its bloody... COOL! ;)

So yeah!
It's really cool!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Well then.
Did I write about this already?
I'll write about it again.
If I have already written about it.
I'm distracting you :)
OK, OK I'll just write what I want to write!

So in my class I'm the best at English. Who would'a known? ;)
Anyway, so my teacher sends me to all these competitions. And in one I got to the semifinal, but I didn't pass. Yeah I'm terrible. Geez.
But the most interesting thing that happened the day of the competition is this:
I met an American girl.
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :D
No, Poles, not Oliwia. Olivia.

In the bus on the way to the semifinal we had to pick up kids from other schools in Mielec. And so when she came in, the teachers asked her: "So when did you move here?" "Two years ago." And I wasn't sure, but I thought I heard a teeny bit of an accent when she spoke... But I had to make sure. So I called mom and told her my awesome idea about something that doesn't matter right now. In English. And then the girl started looking at me, at my shoes, and back at me. Well, I admit, I did the same. Girl, shoes, girl.
And that's because her's were like:
And mine were like:

And her coat was gold and it had fur and it was gold and it looked new and it was gold.
And my mantle was gross green and worn out.
And she had a purse, where I had a looong bag.
So we looked quite like opposites.
Then when we got into the building, she came up to me and said "Słyszałam jak fajnie mówiłaś do przez telefon". ["I heard how you were talking awesomely through the phone."]
And so I said "No, jestem z Ameryki" ["Yeah, I'm from America"]
"Ja też [Me too]. I feel like an alien."
So we talked for a while before the competition started.

So now we're friends, and we've been at each others houses and now David is kicking me off he computer so bye!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


  1. I
  2. am
  3. twelve
  4. years
  5. old.
  6. Can
  7. you
  8. belive
  9. it?!
  10. Well
  11. I
  12. can't.
Let me catch you up on some stuff, OK?
Thing #1: Junior high
1/3 nice
1/3 mean
1/3 in between

most girls are the everyday snotty girls but some are nice and will smile to you once in a while.
most boys are the normal show-offs, but some seem calm and almost normal.
plus there are lots of weirdos.
I have two good friends: Madzia[Madja] and Aga.

lame and boring, or interesting and fun, or hard and annoing.
but I like german.
AND I got B+ in chemistry!

thing #2: dad
He's in America.
For the doTERRA buisness.

thing #3: A wierd thing.

Okay so, 2 years ago me and David went to moms friend regularly. She hat two sons - twins. But one had a long face and blackish hair, and the other had a round face and red hair.
Two years after we stop coming along with mom I have to sing the lamest song in the world in front of lots of kids from all the different schools in Mielec. Why were all those kids there? To get awards from competitons throughout the year. Then the persom reading the names of the winners said :
" The winner of the IT competiton is Maksymilian Kilian"
That was the name of the boy with the black hair.
But then I remembered that there were like 10 Kilian families in Mielec (of witch in know literaly 5).
So it plain couldn't be him.
What made me positive it wasn't him was when a boy that was like 10 feet tall with a long, black, curly ponytail come up to the stage.
Exept it was him. YAaay.
And after that I stared at him like I'm psycho.
And he kept glancing at me with his eyes kind of buged out too.
And we didn't say hi to each other cause we werent sure it actually was the other person.
That was just too wierd.
Oh, yeah his shoe size is 16, I just found out. That just shows you what a giant he is.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm back!

First of all I'm back from America. Which is sad.
Second of all I'm back on my blog. Which is glad.
When I was in America we went to:
  1. The Sacred grove,
  2. See the Commorah Pageant,
  3. Niagra Falls,
  4. New York (twice!!),
  5. Philadelphia,
  6. canoeing,
  7. to the beach,
  8. laser tag,
  9. Tyra's friends, Audreys, house,
  10. the swimming pool almost every day ( I learned how to swim ),
  11. a hotel ;)
  12. and I layed on the hammock (over?) two hours straight and read books...
  13. and lots more things that I can't remember right now.
I had so much fun. Then when aunt Suzy and Tyra took me to the airport, we found out that I have to wait for another hour. So we played cards, ate Junior Mints and Dunkin' Dounut's. And so then I had to go. And I can still see Aunt Suzy and Tyra waving good-bye in her cute shirt. (RAWR!)(only Tyra knows what I mean so don't ask:) And I can still see aunt Suzy's surprised face and Tyra's exited face, when I just got to America. That's why the moment I got home cried . and cried. and cried. And I'm about to cry now so I should stop writing. (too late.)Thank you soo much aunt Suzy for letting me come.