Saturday, January 29, 2011

We let it snow, let it snow....

That thing with my hand ... I was trying to get some snow on it... (It didn't work;)

... all in a days "work"

We decided to go for a walk after a day of sitting in front the TV all day. But when we got out of the house this little boy here made me and mom hold his arms and swing him every other step we took. It was OK and close to the end of our [not] walk mom looked at Aaron and said "Did we forget to put your hat on ?" and he enthusiastically answered "YES!" with a big smile, showing his little teeth.
You can actually see our fence in the back. I'm sorry it's such bad quality, but I did it with my cell phone.

Speaking of TV, while Aaron was watching Barney I noticed something. DEMI LOVATO AND SELENA GOMEZ WHERE IN BARNEY !

Speaking of trumpets Spencer learned this :

Speaking of Spenc, I'll show you how sweetly he dances ( kind of:):