Sunday, October 23, 2011


  1. I
  2. am
  3. twelve
  4. years
  5. old.
  6. Can
  7. you
  8. belive
  9. it?!
  10. Well
  11. I
  12. can't.
Let me catch you up on some stuff, OK?
Thing #1: Junior high
1/3 nice
1/3 mean
1/3 in between

most girls are the everyday snotty girls but some are nice and will smile to you once in a while.
most boys are the normal show-offs, but some seem calm and almost normal.
plus there are lots of weirdos.
I have two good friends: Madzia[Madja] and Aga.

lame and boring, or interesting and fun, or hard and annoing.
but I like german.
AND I got B+ in chemistry!

thing #2: dad
He's in America.
For the doTERRA buisness.

thing #3: A wierd thing.

Okay so, 2 years ago me and David went to moms friend regularly. She hat two sons - twins. But one had a long face and blackish hair, and the other had a round face and red hair.
Two years after we stop coming along with mom I have to sing the lamest song in the world in front of lots of kids from all the different schools in Mielec. Why were all those kids there? To get awards from competitons throughout the year. Then the persom reading the names of the winners said :
" The winner of the IT competiton is Maksymilian Kilian"
That was the name of the boy with the black hair.
But then I remembered that there were like 10 Kilian families in Mielec (of witch in know literaly 5).
So it plain couldn't be him.
What made me positive it wasn't him was when a boy that was like 10 feet tall with a long, black, curly ponytail come up to the stage.
Exept it was him. YAaay.
And after that I stared at him like I'm psycho.
And he kept glancing at me with his eyes kind of buged out too.
And we didn't say hi to each other cause we werent sure it actually was the other person.
That was just too wierd.
Oh, yeah his shoe size is 16, I just found out. That just shows you what a giant he is.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm back!

First of all I'm back from America. Which is sad.
Second of all I'm back on my blog. Which is glad.
When I was in America we went to:
  1. The Sacred grove,
  2. See the Commorah Pageant,
  3. Niagra Falls,
  4. New York (twice!!),
  5. Philadelphia,
  6. canoeing,
  7. to the beach,
  8. laser tag,
  9. Tyra's friends, Audreys, house,
  10. the swimming pool almost every day ( I learned how to swim ),
  11. a hotel ;)
  12. and I layed on the hammock (over?) two hours straight and read books...
  13. and lots more things that I can't remember right now.
I had so much fun. Then when aunt Suzy and Tyra took me to the airport, we found out that I have to wait for another hour. So we played cards, ate Junior Mints and Dunkin' Dounut's. And so then I had to go. And I can still see Aunt Suzy and Tyra waving good-bye in her cute shirt. (RAWR!)(only Tyra knows what I mean so don't ask:) And I can still see aunt Suzy's surprised face and Tyra's exited face, when I just got to America. That's why the moment I got home cried . and cried. and cried. And I'm about to cry now so I should stop writing. (too late.)Thank you soo much aunt Suzy for letting me come.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Starting all over again...

In about 4 months I'll be in Jr. high and I have to start all over again. New system, new kids, new teachers, new school. But mostly new kids. I CAN'T believe I'm not going with Ewa. I need her with me, you know? And then the kids might not like me. AND what if I don't find anyone as good as Ewa!? Plus I only have 3 years to find a friend. I only started being friends after 3 years of being in the same class.
And then there's the other problem. I'm going to a mathematical class. I HATE MATH. Yeah but "How else will I get into a good school, and have a good job?"- as dad said. BuuUUuut he miiIIiight be right !

I especially want Tyra to comment, and tell me how it is.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

* * *

Lying on the grass,
the moist, green grass,
I see an ocean of blue,
with soft white rocks,
and fish with wings.

I see a blue chalkboard,
full of white, chalk drawings,
made by a child
trying to draw a flower, a tree

I see the many spirits-
so white and clean,
of people that past away
that are gone-
but not for long-
all in heaven .

I see
the sky...


In a field of black flowers,
among birds with no wings,
there I lay in the midst
of a very bad dream.

Where the trees - have no leaves
Where the sky's a black hole
There I lay in deep sleep
I can bear it no more.

Then it rains - big black rocks
that fall from the sky
Then I'm wrapped in black fog
I start to cry--

I wake up, tears on my
I scream-
" It's a dream! It's only a dream!"

Then why am I in a field of black flowers?
Among birds with no wings ?
Why do I lay in the midst
of the land from my dream?


Ha ! Scared you! See! the last one's freaky. ;D

Ugh. Speaking of dream's:

1. I was dreaming that me and David and babcia just decided to walk 95 miles to a train station, where a train would take us to America. When we got there Abby was waiting for us for some reason. We got in the train (without babcia). When we got to America we were standing in front of the Drapers house. Abby opened the door and said:
"Hey everybody! Look who's here!"
"Everybody" was my whole family from moms side! Everyone was in the kitchen. Aunt Heather was working on a turkey, grama was making a salad, uncle Ben was buttering toast's, etc...
And all my cousins were chasing each other...
I started happily crying, then I woke up and cried of sadness. :'(

2. I had a dream that I went to my first day of school in my junior high. There I met another American girl and we became friends. I wish ....... . . . . . . . .

PS AAA! I can't change the post title color. :[

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Well There's Good News and Bad News

Good or bad news first? Hm. I guess best for last.

On Sunday I got sick. Like, really sick. I threw up several times an didn't have enough strength to pick up a book. I was ling in bed all day. I managed to walk down stairs so dad could bring down my bed, because I didn't what to be in my room by my self all the time. Plus we were watching a church show and I wanted to see it. Yesterday I had a horrible headache and I couldn't really move without feeling the horrible pain in my head. I was also weak, but I didn't get sick in my stomach. Anyway, today I'm much better and I still have a headache, but not as bad and I can move pretty comfortably.

I've got two good
1. They opened a new gallery in Mielec. And It's real cool. Me and Ewa went there together three times by now, and I haven't bought anything there! Yet...(*evil laugh*)
2. For the first time in my life I went to a
hairdresser! I'll post a pic when I get one!!! Aaa!! It's so awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, yeah. I've read the "Hunger Games" and I'm in the middle of "Catching Fire". Have you read them and do you like them?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

happy :D

Yesterday we watched the first session of General Conference and today - the second. I took notes. Here are a few of my favoriet things I noted, but (sadlySad  Sad Smiley) never thought about very much.
  • don't be judgemental;
  • think about Jesus and what he would do in your situation;
  • look for oportunities to help;
  • serve people in need;
  • by doing small things we can make other people happy;
Anyway... at the end of 6th grade in Poland, you have a very important test. During the year, once a month, we have example tests like that. I get ap. 34 out of 40. That's fine, but on the real test I want to get 40 out of 40. I'm counting on that. OH, yeah. the stinkin' test is... on Tuesday. I have two flippin' days!!

[Change of subject]
Spencers such a cutey Baby Pacifier  Babies Smiley. I mean look at him!
Such a sweet heart... chewing on poor MaggieLol  Laughing Smiley.

Wearing my stuff Happy Wink  Happy Smiley.

Aaron's cute too!

David's something like this though : Demon  Angels And Demons Smiley
And for now I'm something like this : Compute  Computer Smiley

I almost forgot ! we were in a science muzeum the other day. King  Respect Smiley

Tyra ?! Maby you know what that is ?

Speakin of Aaron .. this is what he does on Sundays:

Bye !

Sunday, February 27, 2011

*sob, sob*

Yesterday we (me, mom, David, Aaron (Spence for a short time)) watched "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken". Mom said that when she was my age this was one of her favorite movies. What she didn't say is that I'll cry after watching it. Well, I cried. I couldn't stop myself . It's about a girl who's dream is to be a diving girl (a girl that is on a horse on a really tall tower and the horse jumps in the water with the girl on his back). She runs away from her terrible home and becomes a diving girl and does a very good job with her last many shows. She never gives up on anything and when she decides she wants to do something nobody can stop her. (No really, nobody.) Once she dives on a pretty wild horse. The horse doesn't jump the right way and the girl freaks out and forgets to close her eyes when she gets into the water. Then she's blind. The doctor comes and says that it's permanent. But she says "no! It is not! It's only temporary!" so I started crying. she dives the last time in her life and that's supposed to be a happy ending. But it's too sad for me.This movie is 1 out of the 2 rare movies that make me cry. The other one is Rigoletto, of which (sadly) nobody knows.

I miss America Like crazy. So crazy that I have to stop my self from crying when I think about it. So crazy that I have a stupid goal to save up for a ticket to America. It might take me 2-3 years. I DON'T CARE! I NEED TO GOOOOOO!

How about something happy in the end? My family is awesome. For an example yesterday was the best Saturday in my life. We did stuff like reading, including mom reading to us, writing little stories, eating together , and stuff. Mom and dad had a little date night on Friday.

Bye Bye

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I don't want to brag but I'm doing pretty good at school. No, no, I meant to say quite well... so you know how in Poland It's not like you get an A,B,C,D or F , just 6,5,4,3,2 or 1. 1 is the worst. And 6 is like "you did more then you needed to, so thats what you get more then others.", so if you get a 6 you have to remember things that aren't required. Also, in Poland you get grades in the middle of the school year that show you how you've done this year, so ether you want to do better for the rest of the year,or you want to keep it up. here are my grades:
  • polish +5
  • english 6
  • math 4
  • nature 3 D:
  • technical stuff 5
  • history 5 =D
  • art 5
  • music 6
  • computer stuff 5
  • PE +4
Ha, ha! you might think I'm so cool to have two stinki'n 6's. Well I'm no. Because english is ... you english. And then music. Well it's unfair. Some kids just don't have good voice.
Oh yeah, when you have, for example, +5 it means it's a almost 6, and if you have -5 it's almost 4.

Sheesh, I was dreaming that I was eating dinner then a huge 14 foot cat came, took my plate, said thank you and went away.
Don't ask-I have noooo idea.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

from grama lee that I love very much

For my birthday from grama (I won't type Lee because she's the only grama I have. I only have one babcia too ;) I got this:

A beauty, isn't it?
It plays ,, You Are So Beautiful"
I almost burst onto tears when I opened it. Don't worry, I'm fine now =)
On the outside it says Dear Granddaughter on the inside I was never as blessed as the day you were born

With Love

of that was in gold.

chapter 7: so the necklace isn't anything I want to touch...

"I really wish you didn't SCREAM!!!" I said as we ran out of the shoe store. "Well, seeing her everywhere is freaking me out. " " So get used to it!!*sigh* OK, lets sit down on that bench by the fountain and have a look at the necklace". After a while, Elise said "Put it on me. tell me how it looks." "Are kidding?!!" I hollered, "This thing might kill you!". She looked at me like 'That's the stupidest thing I have ever heard..' , but then we hear, "Ha Ha Ha! It won't do you any harm! Give me that-" the witch with 'the hair' said, grabbing the necklace out of my hand," you are such a darling girl, you deserve to wear such a beautiful accessory". She started putting it on Elise, and that girl did nothing. N-o-t-h-i-n-g. Nothing. She looked as if she were delighted. The problem was 'da witch' looked delighted too. Now I know why. When the necklace was of Elise's neck, she said "Au! Au! Au! It's hot, hot ,hoooot. GET IT OF!" When I ripped it of it burned my hand too! I looked around. The witch was gone! "Are you OK?" I asked, staring with horror at my burned hand,that hurt like crazy. ARE YOU OK ?!" I said louder because she didn't answer. Still no answer. I turned around to look at her.
She was sitting there trying to breathe.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

We let it snow, let it snow....

That thing with my hand ... I was trying to get some snow on it... (It didn't work;)

... all in a days "work"

We decided to go for a walk after a day of sitting in front the TV all day. But when we got out of the house this little boy here made me and mom hold his arms and swing him every other step we took. It was OK and close to the end of our [not] walk mom looked at Aaron and said "Did we forget to put your hat on ?" and he enthusiastically answered "YES!" with a big smile, showing his little teeth.
You can actually see our fence in the back. I'm sorry it's such bad quality, but I did it with my cell phone.

Speaking of TV, while Aaron was watching Barney I noticed something. DEMI LOVATO AND SELENA GOMEZ WHERE IN BARNEY !

Speaking of trumpets Spencer learned this :

Speaking of Spenc, I'll show you how sweetly he dances ( kind of:):