Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Halloween!

Thanks aunt Annie for the idea. I was a street as you told me I could be. But I added: a black purse, on witch I glued on top a red circle, in the middle yellow one, on the bottom a green one. And I taped a toy car to me. I guess you can see on the pics. Aaron was the cutest spider-kid on earth and David was a scary mummy.You can guess how we made him a mummy. And now I'm scared of toilet paper.

Mom made cute ''pumpkins" out of roundly cut jelly and a little green bean for the stem. Then we played hand made bingo in our living room with little candles on with no lite on. Dad carved this awesome pumpkin that's trying to eat an eye ball.

I made a realistic scarecrow on paper.

We also played with goo made out of potato flour & water.

Aaron was grossed out but after a while he enjoyed it.

These are just some ghosts we saw. No big deal. We see those every day.

It was really fun! please comment.