Sunday, October 10, 2010

my party

I need to say, I ℒℴѵℯ Martians. Well my best friend and I do . Her name is Ewa .

First, me and dad picked up all of the girls. Then we went to some stores so I could buy stuff for the money I got from grandpa and Pam. This is what I bought for part of the money :

Thanks grandpa and Pam!
Here we all are at home
Starting from the left are:
Karina, Ewa, [Aaron], Me, Karolina, Marysia.
Once again I LOVE ALIENS.
My cake is cool huh ?
Ewa & I ate the eyes.

I don't know why this is green.
Then we watched "Aliens in the Attic".
This is what I got from my friends:
From Marysia
From Ewa
I think her theme was flowers. Maybe.


LisAway said...

that's NOT supposed to be a smile on the cake!!!!!!!!!


Tyra said...

cute cake! looks delicious....

I didn't know you liked martians! Interesting...

Sounds like a fun birthday!

Goldilocks said...

hey cool cake i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sounds like a fun birthday

Susan said...

"I like the flower" says Beth."I like the mirror present. I think the cake is silly. I like the big pink balloon"

Now this is Aunt Su: I think it's an awesome idea for a cake. I get pretty tired of princess, mermaid, flower, polly pocket, etc. birthday themes I seem to be making for my kids all the time!!!
What are those pretty balls, are they marbles close up? (I only saw that after seeing the princess bracelet or necklace.)gplay