Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Halloween!

Thanks aunt Annie for the idea. I was a street as you told me I could be. But I added: a black purse, on witch I glued on top a red circle, in the middle yellow one, on the bottom a green one. And I taped a toy car to me. I guess you can see on the pics. Aaron was the cutest spider-kid on earth and David was a scary mummy.You can guess how we made him a mummy. And now I'm scared of toilet paper.

Mom made cute ''pumpkins" out of roundly cut jelly and a little green bean for the stem. Then we played hand made bingo in our living room with little candles on with no lite on. Dad carved this awesome pumpkin that's trying to eat an eye ball.

I made a realistic scarecrow on paper.

We also played with goo made out of potato flour & water.

Aaron was grossed out but after a while he enjoyed it.

These are just some ghosts we saw. No big deal. We see those every day.

It was really fun! please comment.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

bits & bobs

Sorry I havn't bloged for ever! Well, I'm kind of sad my best friend in Spain again. I was just talking to my cousin Tyra and she told me I should blog. So I did. To make this thing interesting I'll ask: Who should I be for holloween? Could you tell me something I could be that I would make out of normal clothes? Anyway. Could you pleeez comment! Is it snowing in America? I'ts kind of ending, but its snowing here! Cool!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Chapter 4

"Are you...? No way...! I...?" Cleo and Elise said at the same time. Cleo was the most brave and she first asked, "Are you a wizard?" Elise said, "Well, how about you?" "Yes!" they said at the same time. "We're so lucky nobodies looking." Elise said. Emily was about to jump and shout for joy 'cause she was watching them, but she couldn't because everybody would go out of there tents, and would ask why. Elise and Cleo smiled at each other and went to there tent to talk. Elise said "don't even think about telling any body" "So that was the feeling" Cleo whispered to her self. After the field trip both girls where best friends. When other girls saw Cleo and Elise holding hands they thought the two might be charmed. Well I guess everything was great, except for these troll looking guys following them everywhere. Wow thats been a long time! Today is my birthday! (And grandma, if your reading this, thanks for the present.)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Chapter 3:The Magic Begins

In the bus, on their way to the field, Cleo and Elise had to sit together. Cleo sat by the window so she could admire the pretty views but she was too short to see anything out of the window.  All she could see was her leather backpack that at one point tipped over and her sandwich and apple fell out.  Elise brought a cute pink shoulder bag and it fell too making her chips and nail polish fall out.  "Ew." thought Cleo.  

When they got there Elise took out a light purple, almost periwinkle tent.  "Wow and ew," thought Cleo.  When the tent was set up Elise took out  a perfectly matching soft sleeping bag.  "Wow and ew," thought Cleo.  Cleo took out a black and brown scratchy sleeping bag. "EEEW" thought Elise.  Once they moved into their tent, they went out of it and started playing with the other girls.  Of course they would never want to play with each other.  

They both sat in the merry-go-round at the same time and started fighting over who would play in it. To be mean, Elise (reamember she is a wizard) untied Cleos shoe by looking at it and said "Cleopatra, shoe lace utied!" Cleo didn't care. "Elise, looks like your fashions fallen down!" she said, as she knocked her rivels sparkely, black and silver tiny purse. Cleo, fast so no one would see, snaped her fingers and her shoe lace was tied.Elise , at the exact same time, fast so no one wold see, held out her hands, palms down, over her purse and it flew up to her lap.  

"I saw that!" they said at the same time.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Chapter 2: Emily's Idea

Cleo and Elise were in the same fourth grade class.  Their teacher, Mrs. Windwick, who was a nice older lady that wanted everybody in her class to all be friends, knew they didn't like each other.  Emily, in the same class, liked both Cleo and Elise.  She was the only one who knew that both her friends were wizards (even Elise and Cleo didn't know that each other were wizards).  

Emily had an idea.  She told it to their teacher.  She knew that both girls always went on every field trip. Her idea: over night "friendship field trip" to the field. This field trip was going to be odd, because the teacher would divide the children into pairs (Cleo and Elise together, of course).  One person in every pair was supposed to bring a tent, and each child would bring their own sleeping bag.  

Mrs. Windwick agreed that they needed to get Cleo and Elise to be friends and started dividing the children.  Cleo and Elise were so disappointed to be a pair.  After a long time of fighting (half an hour and 82 seconds) they finally decided that Elise would bring the tent.  The field trip was supposed to be in a week on Tuesday to Wednesday.  Everybody was excited, except for Cleo and Elise.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I Think I'm Writing a Book(idea from Tyra(cousin))!Chapter 1: What they hated about each other

Elise didn't like Cleo. Cleo didn't like Elise. Elise thought that's how it is, and Cleo thought the same.  Elise didn't like Cleo, because Cleo always had her hair in one or two braids, never cared about herself, and, worst of all(to her), she never had anything stylish on! Cleo didn't like Elise because every day she had her hair different, she only thought about herself and always wore trendy clothes. 

Cleo had medium length, dark brown hair, freckles and hated nail polish.  Elise had beautiful, long, curly blond hair (she sometimes even had beads in it), smooth, tan skin and always had painted fingernails.  

Oh,yeah, they were both wizards. Good, girl wizards.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Po Polsku część 2 ,,Tęsknię za przyjaciółką''

 Autorka:Ewelina  Pawlik     Dla:Olgi  Rejczyk
Chcę żeby moja przyjaciółka wróciła z Hiszpani,
Bo powiem Pani.  

Autorka:Ewelina  Pawlik    Dla:Olgi  Rejczyk
Chcę żeby moja pzyjaciółka z Hiszpani powróciła, 
bo tak nagle jakoś się zmyła.
Nigdy nie myślałam, że przyjacółka zmyć się może, 
ale, prawdopodobnie, gdzieś jest nad morzem. Miała brata tak jak ja. Tak dobrze ją znam. Serduszek z milion wysłać jej chcę, 
i ona bardzo dobrze o tym wie! 
Lecz najważniejsze, że... 

                     Przyjażnimy bardzo się!!!
                TĘSKNIĘ  ZA  TOBĄ  OLGA!!!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Have a Pen Pal

When I was shoveling the snow in the driveway, suddenly I heard a knock on the window.  I didn't know who it was so I turned around and looked in all windows except the one that my mom was knocking on.  Finally I looked in that window and saw my mom showing me a letter.  I pointed at the letter and then at myself as if asking if it was for me.  My mom nodded so I hurried up with the shovelling.  When I ran in the house, all wet from the snow I heard Aaron and David playing cars upstairs and Aaron suddenly stopped and said, "Da-dee!  Da-dee!"  I looked up to tell Aaron it was not "Da-dee" but before I could say, "It's not Da-dee.  It's me!" I heard mom calling from the living room saying that it's the first letter from my pen pal.  

I quickly got the envelope and tore it open and then I was really sad because I noticed there was a cute picture on the envelope, and then mom made me even more sad saying, "Oh, that's too bad, I could have done it the right way for you."  I felt dumb.  I saw that on the torn envelope it said "I'm Emma."  I took out the letter and it had lots of questions.  It also had a picture of her.  I quickly ran upstairs and put it in one of my picture frames that I got on my seventh birthday, and  haven't really used.  I also glued the cute envelope back together.  I ran back downstairs with a paper to write back to her.  I wrote answers to all questions and I asked three questions back.  I drew a cute picture on the envelope, too and I sent the letter the next day.  I hope she gets it soon and writes back as soon as possible.

I found out Emma wanted to be my pen pal because my mom and her mom are blog friends.  Emma's mom found out that I'm the same age as her daughter and wrote an email asking if I wanted to be Emma's pen pal.  

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Goals in 2009

1. Don't cry more than 3 times a week!

2. Read the scriptures every day (min. 10 verses)!

3. Ignore (don't get upset at) others when they annoy me!

4. Try not to miss COOL shows!


6. Remember my personal prayers!

7. Get into blogging and blog at least 2 times a week!

8. Spend less time watching TV and more time with my family!

9. Eat healthier!

10. Try to enjoy school!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


I know I'm writing pretty late about Christmas, but I didn't have time because I was visiting my Polish grandparents.  I think it's sad being away from home on a holiday:( especially Christmas): I am almost always away from home on holidays.  The present I'm most excited about is from David. It's a MICROSCOPE!!!  Awesome huh?  I also got a few things from Hannah Montanna which I really like too.  Well I wish you a very happy (even though I'm late) Christmas!

Well, I'm kind of gonna stop talking about Christmas, and I'll start talking about what we did at my Polish grandparents (babcia and dziadek:  read "bopcha and jadek").  Me, David and dad went ice skating (just to learn, cause I don't know how to and at school we go ice skating once a week).  Well I learned a lot about ice skating.  Next I went with mom but it was the same except I fell seven times and now I have a huge, nasty, black bruise.  We also went to an animal museum, with "stuffed" animals.   I didn't go into two rooms cause of the freakiness:  room one:  I know that it was only rubber masks, but from far away they looked very scary, so I wanted to get closer to see that they're rubber.  So with closed eyes mom got me as close as can be, but then she told me that their eyes were WIDE open so I ran away squealling like little baby pig.  Room two:  a gigantic crab that was three feet.  I wanted to go see the butterflies, but I would have to go past the crab and a huge snake.  No.  I would not do that.  That's all about the museum. Actually it's all about everything.