Sunday, December 5, 2010

Merry Christmas!

This is our Christmas tree. It's the first year we've decorated it red and gold. We were going to make a popcorn chain, but when we made a little bit of it and put it up to the tree it didn't look nice.
Usually we made it blue and gold. I'm glad it's this way. I always wished to have our tree this color. I love it.
I also love taking pictures like this ^ one, because it makes me feel like I'm in the tree. I have a dozen of that kind of pictures on my phone.

In Poland there is this tradition that the 6th December is Santa Claus day. That day is when kids get extra presents from Santa. In our class we do this thing, that my teacher gives each kid a number from 1-24 and no one knows the numbers and we say one of them and the teacher tells us if it's a boy or girl that we need to buy a present for. I had boys all my life. This and last year I got expensive (looking) soap stuff. DO I STINK? Well I guess I'm overreacting. That stuff is really nice: very peach scented bubble bath, a nice sponge & three fizzy balls. the first one is milk & honey scented, the second one is caramel apple an the last one is peach & mango and their all from a good company.
Ahh.. I'm SO taking a bath..

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Anne said...

Your tree looks GREAT! And when you said you like to feel like your'e in the tree, I'm the same way! When I was a kid I remember spending forever lying right under the tree and seeing all the lights. It's like a different world! I would also put my face right up to the tree and stare into it. Even though I don't have as much time now, I still do it every once in a while!