Sunday, March 14, 2010

lots of stuff...maybe too much...naaah!

Sooo...last week gramalee came. I was so exited! That day I got out of school earlier, thank goodness, and I missed P.E. [yeah!]. We drove to Krakow and I felt like it took 12 hours instead of 2 hours.
Finally we got there, and when we went into the airport in my stomach I could feel...well...a weird, kinda sad, feeling in my stomach. It was the feeling I get when I'm going to fly away to America. It was like I knew I wasn't going anywhere, but my eyes knew where I am and made me feel bad, and wanted to get out. So waited a little for grama. Then some more. And more, when finally she showed up. And OMG I can't believe how happy I felt!
When we got home I had lot of homework to do and I couldn't have fun much with her that day. The rest of the week was really fun! We didn't go places, but I could show grama my school, so she knew where I spent most of my time.
Then came Sunday. The day that David was being baptized. And it was great! Me and grama each gave talks, grama about baptism and I about the Holy Ghost. I just loved to see my little brother do the same thing I did when I was his age.
Then the next day grama had to go. I cried. David cried. Mom cried. But the only thing mom said is: "It was fun to have her here huh?" and "I'm glad she could come, and at the same time our house is tidy!".
Well thats all. Or, I mean, thats a LOT.