Sunday, March 14, 2010

lots of stuff...maybe too much...naaah!

Sooo...last week gramalee came. I was so exited! That day I got out of school earlier, thank goodness, and I missed P.E. [yeah!]. We drove to Krakow and I felt like it took 12 hours instead of 2 hours.
Finally we got there, and when we went into the airport in my stomach I could feel...well...a weird, kinda sad, feeling in my stomach. It was the feeling I get when I'm going to fly away to America. It was like I knew I wasn't going anywhere, but my eyes knew where I am and made me feel bad, and wanted to get out. So waited a little for grama. Then some more. And more, when finally she showed up. And OMG I can't believe how happy I felt!
When we got home I had lot of homework to do and I couldn't have fun much with her that day. The rest of the week was really fun! We didn't go places, but I could show grama my school, so she knew where I spent most of my time.
Then came Sunday. The day that David was being baptized. And it was great! Me and grama each gave talks, grama about baptism and I about the Holy Ghost. I just loved to see my little brother do the same thing I did when I was his age.
Then the next day grama had to go. I cried. David cried. Mom cried. But the only thing mom said is: "It was fun to have her here huh?" and "I'm glad she could come, and at the same time our house is tidy!".
Well thats all. Or, I mean, thats a LOT.


Erin said...

How fun that your Grandma could visit and be there for David's baptism. I always say, presence makes the heart grow fonder (not absence), because when you are with them you remember how much you miss them.

LisAway said...

I do NOT remember that those were the ONLY things I said. I comforted you when you were telling me that we would go home and "her suitcase wouldn't be in the playroom and her hair stuff wouldn't be on the little table" etc.! THAT's why I kept talking about how fun it was to have her here! And I think the house was as messy as usual while grandma was here (if not messier) but we sure had fun in the mess!

gramalee said...

Ewie! I had so much fun! But now I keep thinking about you and wishing you were here so I could refer you to the stuff I know you (and I) like. The Spanish book should be there any day. Let me know what you think when you get it! xoxogramalee

Susan said...

Sounds like fun. We always are sad when GramaLee leaves too, and we get to see her a little more often than you do, (though she must really love you guys to fly all that way to see you as often as she does!)