Sunday, October 24, 2010

chapter 6:

Okay, so the snake was coming closer... and closer.. when........
ha ha ha ha ha !

nd so I'm thinking what? when Elise says ,, It's gone! She's gone! "
And so I look around and what do I see? Nothing. So we head for her house. As we're walking I notice those troll guys again. We don't want them to know where she lives so I tell Elise " Maybe not to your house. Let's go to that shoe store with those cute sneakers." She looks at me, and I can just see a question mark over her head, which is why I whisper "Those mutants are following us again!". She's pulls a ohhhhh! face which means she gets it. When we pass the fountain I take out all the change I have and buy us some ice cream. Then I see something on the ground. A black necklace. So I pick It up and show Elise. "I'm sick of black," she says "but take it, just in case". When we finally get to the store, Elise squeals. I didn't understand at first, but then every one turns around and stares at us. Everyone but a black-haired lady. The one and only--witch.


gramalee said...

Hi Ev! I need a reminder of the first 5 chapters and you need to update your age in your "about me." xoxoxogramalee Miss ya!

Tyra said...

*GASP*! oh NO! what will happen??? what does the witch look like? what is she doing? what will happen?

awesome story! keep working on it!! :D