Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Have a Pen Pal

When I was shoveling the snow in the driveway, suddenly I heard a knock on the window.  I didn't know who it was so I turned around and looked in all windows except the one that my mom was knocking on.  Finally I looked in that window and saw my mom showing me a letter.  I pointed at the letter and then at myself as if asking if it was for me.  My mom nodded so I hurried up with the shovelling.  When I ran in the house, all wet from the snow I heard Aaron and David playing cars upstairs and Aaron suddenly stopped and said, "Da-dee!  Da-dee!"  I looked up to tell Aaron it was not "Da-dee" but before I could say, "It's not Da-dee.  It's me!" I heard mom calling from the living room saying that it's the first letter from my pen pal.  

I quickly got the envelope and tore it open and then I was really sad because I noticed there was a cute picture on the envelope, and then mom made me even more sad saying, "Oh, that's too bad, I could have done it the right way for you."  I felt dumb.  I saw that on the torn envelope it said "I'm Emma."  I took out the letter and it had lots of questions.  It also had a picture of her.  I quickly ran upstairs and put it in one of my picture frames that I got on my seventh birthday, and  haven't really used.  I also glued the cute envelope back together.  I ran back downstairs with a paper to write back to her.  I wrote answers to all questions and I asked three questions back.  I drew a cute picture on the envelope, too and I sent the letter the next day.  I hope she gets it soon and writes back as soon as possible.

I found out Emma wanted to be my pen pal because my mom and her mom are blog friends.  Emma's mom found out that I'm the same age as her daughter and wrote an email asking if I wanted to be Emma's pen pal.  


Sue Q said...

Hi! I just read your blog and I'm so excited that I can hardly write. I was making my lunch for tomorrow when mom called me over to the computer. I was so excited that I started to jump up and down. I can't wait to get the letter and write back. Sincerely, Emma

Anne said...

How fun for you guys!

OnGod'sErrand said...

Having a pen pal is soooooo fun! I can still remember writing a girl from England when I was your age. So sad that we didn't keep in touch over the years, though. I'll always wish that we had and that we had met.

charrette said...

Evie, you are such a good writer, just like your mom. I think it's wonderful you have a pen pal. I had one in jr. high and high school and it was a lot of fun. I wish I had kept in touch with her later.

Susan said...

That's really cool, Evie. I used to love reading and writing letters. Now I just love getting them. But you don't get them unless you write them. It's always fun to have the possibility of a letter in the mail for you.

(BTW, sorry I didn't comment sooner on this post, I read it in my google reader a long time ago and didn't come over to your actual site so I could comment. Lazy lazy me!)