Thursday, January 1, 2009


I know I'm writing pretty late about Christmas, but I didn't have time because I was visiting my Polish grandparents.  I think it's sad being away from home on a holiday:( especially Christmas): I am almost always away from home on holidays.  The present I'm most excited about is from David. It's a MICROSCOPE!!!  Awesome huh?  I also got a few things from Hannah Montanna which I really like too.  Well I wish you a very happy (even though I'm late) Christmas!

Well, I'm kind of gonna stop talking about Christmas, and I'll start talking about what we did at my Polish grandparents (babcia and dziadek:  read "bopcha and jadek").  Me, David and dad went ice skating (just to learn, cause I don't know how to and at school we go ice skating once a week).  Well I learned a lot about ice skating.  Next I went with mom but it was the same except I fell seven times and now I have a huge, nasty, black bruise.  We also went to an animal museum, with "stuffed" animals.   I didn't go into two rooms cause of the freakiness:  room one:  I know that it was only rubber masks, but from far away they looked very scary, so I wanted to get closer to see that they're rubber.  So with closed eyes mom got me as close as can be, but then she told me that their eyes were WIDE open so I ran away squealling like little baby pig.  Room two:  a gigantic crab that was three feet.  I wanted to go see the butterflies, but I would have to go past the crab and a huge snake.  No.  I would not do that.  That's all about the museum. Actually it's all about everything.


charrette said...

That was fun to hear about your Christmas in Poland. My kids love ice skating and have their share of bruises to prove it! It sounds so fun to go ice skating once a week at school! Your trip to the museum made me laugh!

LisAway said...

I was hoping that warning you about the eyes would make it less scary for you, not more scary! I have to remember youa re not my daughter, but dad's, and therefore prefer NOT to have warnings, where I want all the information I can get about ANYTHING before I experience it!

Glad you had a happy Christmas! I did too!

Ben said...

Great description on the Animal Museum! I too would have been scared to pass the 3 foot crab! No thanks!

You'll have to write and let us know about what you and David get to see through the microscope! And don't worry about being away from home for Holiday's, you'll be surprised how great those memories will be when you grow up!

Happy New Year!!

Susan said...

I can't believe I read all these posts a long time ago and never commented. Sorry! Looks like Tyra's been a stinker about it too, I'll have to get on her case.

The main thing I was thinking about this is how many things we have in common. I hate scary things, even if I know their masks, I'd rather not see. Also Tyra and I went ice skating, I'm not very good, but we hobbled around and around enough times to get some practice in. You're lucky to get to go weekly at school. Tyra would love more chances to improve. And as for liking to be home for holidays, I agree. But it is nice to have other family members to share it with you, too.