Monday, March 16, 2009

I Think I'm Writing a Book(idea from Tyra(cousin))!Chapter 1: What they hated about each other

Elise didn't like Cleo. Cleo didn't like Elise. Elise thought that's how it is, and Cleo thought the same.  Elise didn't like Cleo, because Cleo always had her hair in one or two braids, never cared about herself, and, worst of all(to her), she never had anything stylish on! Cleo didn't like Elise because every day she had her hair different, she only thought about herself and always wore trendy clothes. 

Cleo had medium length, dark brown hair, freckles and hated nail polish.  Elise had beautiful, long, curly blond hair (she sometimes even had beads in it), smooth, tan skin and always had painted fingernails.  

Oh,yeah, they were both wizards. Good, girl wizards.



Susan said...

I love this start, Evie! I already know what I'm hoping might happen, I can't wait to see if it will or not.

Susan said...

That is cool. Oh, this is Tyra.

Ben said...

You know, now that I have read up to chapter 3, this first chapter is fun to read again! Don't keep us waiting! -Ben