Friday, March 20, 2009

Chapter 2: Emily's Idea

Cleo and Elise were in the same fourth grade class.  Their teacher, Mrs. Windwick, who was a nice older lady that wanted everybody in her class to all be friends, knew they didn't like each other.  Emily, in the same class, liked both Cleo and Elise.  She was the only one who knew that both her friends were wizards (even Elise and Cleo didn't know that each other were wizards).  

Emily had an idea.  She told it to their teacher.  She knew that both girls always went on every field trip. Her idea: over night "friendship field trip" to the field. This field trip was going to be odd, because the teacher would divide the children into pairs (Cleo and Elise together, of course).  One person in every pair was supposed to bring a tent, and each child would bring their own sleeping bag.  

Mrs. Windwick agreed that they needed to get Cleo and Elise to be friends and started dividing the children.  Cleo and Elise were so disappointed to be a pair.  After a long time of fighting (half an hour and 82 seconds) they finally decided that Elise would bring the tent.  The field trip was supposed to be in a week on Tuesday to Wednesday.  Everybody was excited, except for Cleo and Elise.


Susan said...

I hate reading books in one chapter installments!! I want to know how Cleo and Elise are going to manage to actually share a tent. Will magic start flying? will they end up liking each other? please don't keep me waiting long!! Great idea here, Evie!

Anne said...

Excellent writing! Can't wait to read more!