Saturday, October 17, 2009

bits & bobs

Sorry I havn't bloged for ever! Well, I'm kind of sad my best friend in Spain again. I was just talking to my cousin Tyra and she told me I should blog. So I did. To make this thing interesting I'll ask: Who should I be for holloween? Could you tell me something I could be that I would make out of normal clothes? Anyway. Could you pleeez comment! Is it snowing in America? I'ts kind of ending, but its snowing here! Cool!


Erin said...

Do kids dress up for Halloween in Poland? I don't remember. My niece who is your age is going to be Amelia Earhart which I think is cool. Lydia hasn't decided.

Tyra said...

How about dress up as...yourself??? Thomas did that last year, and he still got candy.
I wish it was snowing here. It's been annoyingly rainy at my house.
Thanks for blogging!

Goldilocks said...

its raining here to. hmph

Anne said...

The coolest easy costume I ever saw was a road. You wear a long sleeved black shirt and long black pants or sweats or whatever. Then put straight pieces of tape(masking tape would work) like dashes down the center of your body. maybe it would work better with a black skirt?

kanishk said...

it was snowing here. It's been annoyingly rainy at my house.

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