Sunday, February 6, 2011

from grama lee that I love very much

For my birthday from grama (I won't type Lee because she's the only grama I have. I only have one babcia too ;) I got this:

A beauty, isn't it?
It plays ,, You Are So Beautiful"
I almost burst onto tears when I opened it. Don't worry, I'm fine now =)
On the outside it says Dear Granddaughter on the inside I was never as blessed as the day you were born

With Love

of that was in gold.


Evie said...

I was going to publish this a very LONG time ago...

gramalee said...

Evie! I thought I was on your alert list but apparently not. Hopefully I am now and I will become one of your followers too. I love you! XO

Susan said...

I love that picture of you! And gramalee is awesome :)