Sunday, October 23, 2011


  1. I
  2. am
  3. twelve
  4. years
  5. old.
  6. Can
  7. you
  8. belive
  9. it?!
  10. Well
  11. I
  12. can't.
Let me catch you up on some stuff, OK?
Thing #1: Junior high
1/3 nice
1/3 mean
1/3 in between

most girls are the everyday snotty girls but some are nice and will smile to you once in a while.
most boys are the normal show-offs, but some seem calm and almost normal.
plus there are lots of weirdos.
I have two good friends: Madzia[Madja] and Aga.

lame and boring, or interesting and fun, or hard and annoing.
but I like german.
AND I got B+ in chemistry!

thing #2: dad
He's in America.
For the doTERRA buisness.

thing #3: A wierd thing.

Okay so, 2 years ago me and David went to moms friend regularly. She hat two sons - twins. But one had a long face and blackish hair, and the other had a round face and red hair.
Two years after we stop coming along with mom I have to sing the lamest song in the world in front of lots of kids from all the different schools in Mielec. Why were all those kids there? To get awards from competitons throughout the year. Then the persom reading the names of the winners said :
" The winner of the IT competiton is Maksymilian Kilian"
That was the name of the boy with the black hair.
But then I remembered that there were like 10 Kilian families in Mielec (of witch in know literaly 5).
So it plain couldn't be him.
What made me positive it wasn't him was when a boy that was like 10 feet tall with a long, black, curly ponytail come up to the stage.
Exept it was him. YAaay.
And after that I stared at him like I'm psycho.
And he kept glancing at me with his eyes kind of buged out too.
And we didn't say hi to each other cause we werent sure it actually was the other person.
That was just too wierd.
Oh, yeah his shoe size is 16, I just found out. That just shows you what a giant he is.


LisAway said...

Ooooo-oooo! Evie and Maksiu sittin' in a tree! (do you even know that lame rhyme?)

Also, if you don't get an A+ on your next Chemistry test I'm cutting off your allowance. (you know, the one you don't get.)

Susan said...

I'm glad you have such variety in your school day :) Think how boring it would be if you just had nice teachers and interesting and fun subjects :)
Are you going to get to do actual chemistry experiments in your chem class? I can totally picture you in lab goggles with beakers full of smoking liquids :)

As for Maksymilian (I think that's a great name, though I had to read it outloud to get that it was like the English "Maximilian") he sounds interesting. Do you remember how well he sang? Maybe you'll sing a duet one day :P Just kidding. You should never sing duets with boys that have size 16 feet!