Sunday, May 29, 2011

* * *

Lying on the grass,
the moist, green grass,
I see an ocean of blue,
with soft white rocks,
and fish with wings.

I see a blue chalkboard,
full of white, chalk drawings,
made by a child
trying to draw a flower, a tree

I see the many spirits-
so white and clean,
of people that past away
that are gone-
but not for long-
all in heaven .

I see
the sky...


In a field of black flowers,
among birds with no wings,
there I lay in the midst
of a very bad dream.

Where the trees - have no leaves
Where the sky's a black hole
There I lay in deep sleep
I can bear it no more.

Then it rains - big black rocks
that fall from the sky
Then I'm wrapped in black fog
I start to cry--

I wake up, tears on my
I scream-
" It's a dream! It's only a dream!"

Then why am I in a field of black flowers?
Among birds with no wings ?
Why do I lay in the midst
of the land from my dream?


Ha ! Scared you! See! the last one's freaky. ;D

Ugh. Speaking of dream's:

1. I was dreaming that me and David and babcia just decided to walk 95 miles to a train station, where a train would take us to America. When we got there Abby was waiting for us for some reason. We got in the train (without babcia). When we got to America we were standing in front of the Drapers house. Abby opened the door and said:
"Hey everybody! Look who's here!"
"Everybody" was my whole family from moms side! Everyone was in the kitchen. Aunt Heather was working on a turkey, grama was making a salad, uncle Ben was buttering toast's, etc...
And all my cousins were chasing each other...
I started happily crying, then I woke up and cried of sadness. :'(

2. I had a dream that I went to my first day of school in my junior high. There I met another American girl and we became friends. I wish ....... . . . . . . . .

PS AAA! I can't change the post title color. :[


LisAway said...
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LisAway said...

Um, I like your poems quite a lot. I didn't even realize that I probably got the idea to write my period poem because you were writing these... (and also because I looked up what an "ode" is and found that it kind of has to be poetic.)

I also like the contrast of the two poems, one about the sky and Light (or that's how it felt to me), and the other all darkness and confusion.

The poems are great, but I love the poet even more. (even if she did just run to me from the kitchen shouting, "The quesadillas are burning! The quesadillas are burning!" and made me believe her even though I knew in my mind that I hadn't even started on them. :P Teaser.)

Susan said...

Oh, the first poem made me so happy and nostalgic. The second made me sad and melancholy. But your dreams made me a mix of happy (that you want to come, and at your vision of happiness in getting here, etc.), nostalgic (at the times you actually have been at the Draper's house!), sad (that it has been so long, and that it costs so much money!), and melancholy (that there is something slow and sad about our desires coming out in our dreams, and what your dreams are telling you.)

Thanks for sharing Ev! I miss you!

Tyra said...

I luv your poems! They're so...artistic and...metaphorical. Keep writing!