Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Well There's Good News and Bad News

Good or bad news first? Hm. I guess best for last.

On Sunday I got sick. Like, really sick. I threw up several times an didn't have enough strength to pick up a book. I was ling in bed all day. I managed to walk down stairs so dad could bring down my bed, because I didn't what to be in my room by my self all the time. Plus we were watching a church show and I wanted to see it. Yesterday I had a horrible headache and I couldn't really move without feeling the horrible pain in my head. I was also weak, but I didn't get sick in my stomach. Anyway, today I'm much better and I still have a headache, but not as bad and I can move pretty comfortably.

I've got two good news...es(?).
1. They opened a new gallery in Mielec. And It's real cool. Me and Ewa went there together three times by now, and I haven't bought anything there! Yet...(*evil laugh*)
2. For the first time in my life I went to a
hairdresser! I'll post a pic when I get one!!! Aaa!! It's so awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, yeah. I've read the "Hunger Games" and I'm in the middle of "Catching Fire". Have you read them and do you like them?


Susan said...

ooooh, that's too bad about being too sick to lift a book!
But that's awesome about your new hair do, I can't wait for a picture!
What is the gallery. I thought you meant an art gallery at first, but then you mention buying things there, so I'm not sure what you mean...
Finally, I have read the Hunger Games trilogy, and I enjoyed them. Maybe not as much as some people who gush about them a ton, but I thought they were cool. How are you liking them?

gramalee said...

I liked the first book of the Hunger Games the best and it is actually the book I read on my Kindle all the way from America to Poland last year when I came to visit you. All three volumes were real page-turners.
Pictures of your hair please! :D xo

Tyra said...

Ugh, that sounds terrible, being sick that horribly. It's great that you're feeling a little better.
I loved the Hunger Games series, but I was a little sad at the end of the last one...
Pleaseeeeee can we see your hair??