Sunday, February 27, 2011

*sob, sob*

Yesterday we (me, mom, David, Aaron (Spence for a short time)) watched "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken". Mom said that when she was my age this was one of her favorite movies. What she didn't say is that I'll cry after watching it. Well, I cried. I couldn't stop myself . It's about a girl who's dream is to be a diving girl (a girl that is on a horse on a really tall tower and the horse jumps in the water with the girl on his back). She runs away from her terrible home and becomes a diving girl and does a very good job with her last many shows. She never gives up on anything and when she decides she wants to do something nobody can stop her. (No really, nobody.) Once she dives on a pretty wild horse. The horse doesn't jump the right way and the girl freaks out and forgets to close her eyes when she gets into the water. Then she's blind. The doctor comes and says that it's permanent. But she says "no! It is not! It's only temporary!" so I started crying. she dives the last time in her life and that's supposed to be a happy ending. But it's too sad for me.This movie is 1 out of the 2 rare movies that make me cry. The other one is Rigoletto, of which (sadly) nobody knows.

I miss America Like crazy. So crazy that I have to stop my self from crying when I think about it. So crazy that I have a stupid goal to save up for a ticket to America. It might take me 2-3 years. I DON'T CARE! I NEED TO GOOOOOO!

How about something happy in the end? My family is awesome. For an example yesterday was the best Saturday in my life. We did stuff like reading, including mom reading to us, writing little stories, eating together , and stuff. Mom and dad had a little date night on Friday.

Bye Bye


Erin said...

I totally remember that movie from when I was about your age! I loved it too, but it is very sad. I will have to look for it for my kids.

Tyra said...

That sounds like such a sad movie. Why don't you come out here already?? jk I wish you could come out here too. Or maybe I could go out to poland!!! Well...bye!

gramalee said...

And it's a true story. I'll match whatever you save! I need to see you in America! xo

Susan said...

I forgot about that movie, I'll definitely have to watch it with my kids.
You do need to come to America! I've been feeling like I need to come to Poland soon, too!