Sunday, October 5, 2008

Still About My Birthday!

So I DID get presents! Mom asked if I would be mad if there was no present, so I was assuming there wold be nothing at all! But I got these two waaaay cute sets of things to put in your hair! From my friends I got: a doll with very long hair that I can do any thing with, oil pastels, a super cute gold and green purse, a little jewelry box, 24 crayons, a book "Nim's Island" (its in theaters now and I'm gonna see it with my class), a cute notebook and pen, and four bouncy, rubber balls!!!
But best of all I got my own room!!!!! I still cant believe I have it!!!! Its SUPER exiting!!!!! I really want to talk to Tyra cause its the only day we're the same age! But I think its too late. But who knows!


Lydia said...

You will like Nim's Island. It was kinda scary in some parts, but really funny in other parts. I am glad you had a good birthday

gramalee said...

:( :( :(
I sent your birthday present September 15th week and it did not get there in time! Drat! Unfair!
I hope you like it when you get it though!
Send pictures of your new room when you get my gift to you! Hint, hint!

Susan said...

Wow, that's quite a haul! But your own room is definitely the best part! Very cool, Tyra wants her own room sooo badly she mentions it all the time. You are a duck. A very lucky one.

Anne said...

hey, did aunt anne ever comment on your blog. it looks very cute.

Matt Jones

EMILEE said...

Hey, I don't know you, but I am Olivia's friend. (I found your blog through hers {{duh}})
Anyways. You sound way cool. and.. yeah...
It is way cool that you have stuff in another language on your blog. What language is it anyway?



Ewelina said...

O, yah some things are writtenin polish!:)