Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Birthday.

Its my birthday. Its already thirteen o'clock and nothing at all is exiting! I'm having a party from 4 o'clock to 7 o'clock in the evening. Its so in 500 hours! OK, not 500 but at least 9(my age)! Gess what I am? I'm bored, thats what I am!(And thats because I didn't get any presents!!! Mom or dad did not get any!)



LisAway said...

What is your problem, Ev? Just because it's one o'clock in the afternoon and you haven't received any presents and we've been telling you for days that we didn't buy you any presents doesn't mean that we don't have any for you!! Patience!!

Heather of the EO said...

I hope those SLOW parents of yours FINALLY gave you some presents! :)

Happy Birthday!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Evie! I enjoyed reading about you on your mom's blog. I hope you get some good presents, if not from your parents, at least from your friends at the party!

Tyra said...

Oh, and the worst part is that your Aunt Susie kept remembering to call while she was running errands before,in between, and after conference sessions and never when she actually could, and now it's not even your birthday anymore in Poland, it's 1:00am Oct 5! Arg! But we've thought about you, Tyra's been reading your blog and doing the tag thing. Hope everything turned out great. I can't wait to read about the party soon!
Happy belated (by the time you read this)
Oh yeah, I just realized that I'm signed in as Tyra again, but I'll lose my message if I switch, so I'll just keep looking like an idiot here. Tyra hates it, of course, but I'm always driving her nuts one way or another (I'm sure she's also very glad to not look at all like her mother!)

Tyra said...

Okay, this is actually me, Tyra. I am so sorry! I hope you get a after-birthday present.My birthday is close too, on Monday,the 6. Oh yeah, I did the tagging thing.

-oLiViA said...

Like I said, if you want a present, tell me and I'll send you one.