Sunday, September 7, 2008

Boring 4th Grade

My school has two separate buildings. I was in the smallest building since first grade. But now I'm in the big building. And in fourth grade every lesson is in a different classroom with a different teacher but still with the same kids I had in first second and third grades. During the five minute recess(which in Poland is between every lesson which there are about five of) I just sit by the door of the next classroom and eat lunch. And I think that's boring.

Please tell me if you have any ideas of what to do if you have to sit by the door of the next classroom.


Grzegorz said...

Well, you can sell some cookies to other students and give the money to your daddy (just an idea).


Lisa said...


Lisa said...

IMPOSTER! Evie was using my account to respond to Dad's comment. Oops!

So, Ev, why don't you do homework from the previous class while you're waiting? Or you could practice writing. Or maybe organize your backpack. Plan what nice things you'd like to do with your brothers when you get home? Think about ways you could help mom with dinner? Practice working on your posture?

Okay, fine. You could take that electronic Yahtzee game, or your 20 questions ball. OR, how about talking to your friends!?!

Grzegorz said...

Also - You forgot to mention that almost all kids are waiting by the classroom because they have to watch their backpacks instead of running outside,etc. Remember this is your first week in almost new school. I am sure you and your friends will get used to it, etc.

Susan said...

Okay, first of all, you sound waaaaaaay to old: going around to different classes with your backpack on, and being bored during the 5 minute breaks! Sounds like High School to me!

As for what to do there are really only 2 options, one anti-social, the other social. My favorite is anti-social: READ!!! The social thing that might be fun is doing hand-clap games with friends. I love doing that with my girls when I'm waiting somewhere with them, along with I-Spy, of course.

BTW I just love your back-to-school picture, you look so cute! And, like I said, waaaaaay to old!

Susan said...

p.s. I can't believe I wrote "to old" twice without noticing it's supposed to be "too old"!! Maybe my Polish-speaking niece could help me out here!

Ewelina said...

Aunt Suzie-I can't take a book or something cause it would make my backpack heavier,and it's already SOOO HEAVY!!!I-Spy is a little boring,but I like the idea of playing hand-clap games.Thanks for the idea!

p.s.I miss you SOOO MUCH!!!

jonesfamily said...

I agree with your dad, Evie. It's always weird the first few weeks of school, getting used to things and all.

~make friendship bracelets for your friends/cousins
~finish homework from your last lesson/class so you don't have to do it when you get home
~you and your girlfriends could braid each other's hair or the like while you're waiting

Sorry, wish I had better ideas, that sounds like a weird situation. YOu're such a smartie pants, I know you'll find some way to handle it!