Friday, August 29, 2008

New great(ish) friends

I didn't think its SOOO hard without friends. Well, it SOOO is. But finally I found some friends. (OK I didn't find them dad did,they were just walking eating ice cream and dad said "Hi. Ewelina keeps saying that there are no girls to play with around here." So now we are friends.) We had lots of fun. I said HAD because its true. They suddenly stopped coming to play with me.But I have a new friend that lives right across the street. So we see each other every day and have lots of fun playing that we are sisters and we live together and blah blah blah.


Susan said...

oh! you are so lucky to have friends right next to you. The closest I've ever had a friend live since I've been a grown up was 4 blocks away. So what happened to the friends who staopped coming to visit? Were they only around for the summer? You soooo write well, keep posting!

-oLiViA said...

AAHHHH!!!!!!!! EVIE!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE A BLOG!!!!!! IM SO HAPPY NOW!!! Remember me? When you guys came to America we met up at brick oven, there was this guy that made balloon animals for us? I'm the oldest with blonde hair. I'M SO HAPPY YOU HAVE A BLOG!!!! my blog is Keep writing Evie!